Twin Babies Represent All Sides Of The Emotional Spectrum

May 8, 2018

You think twins have to be exactly the same? Think again! Check out this video and see completely opposite twin babies! While one of them is having the blast, the other one is the grumpiest little girl I have ever seen! She is just not amused and couldn’t care less about the party her parents and her twin sister are having.

The happy twin girl is showing us all of her best dance moves while the other one couldn’t care less about music and moving her body. Her annoyed little face is so adorable. Maybe she doesn’t like the song? The girls’ pretty golden locks may be alike, but their taste in music and personalities are definitely not similar in the slightest!

While mom and dad are trying to convince the grumpy little one to show some moves for the camera she stands by her initial choice of not having to anything with it. In the meantime, the blondie in jolly mood starts giggling excitedly. It is amazing how incredibly different but still equally adorable twin girls can be!

Despite having the same genetics, twins have their own distinctive personalities. As you see in this video, one twin can be a ray of sunshine, while the other one is a definition of a cloudy day. Well, maybe she’s just having a rough day. Or she hates dancing. I mean, we all had those days when EVERYTHING annoys us. I am sure this kid is going through the same thing! For example, she is me on a Monday morning. Or me when I have to go to a gym, or me on a deadline, or me when my sister drags me in the nightclub… Oh, now I know why she acts like this… I totally get her! LOL!

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