Underage Driver Does Donuts After Falling Asleep At The Wheel

May 17, 2018

The power wheels car is such an amazing toy and toddlers absolutely adore it. Toy cars let kids explore the world around them in a completely different way and that’s why the kids love them so much. Most children love imitating whatever their parents are doing and that includes getting behind the wheel as soon as possible! They can spend hours and hours on their beloved toy cars, and that’s probably what the little kid from this video did.

Watch out everyone, we have a new driver on the streets and he’s beyond adorable.

This funny video shows a cute toddler boy having so much fun while driving his power wheels truck around the garden. But wait, something doesn’t seem right… He has fallen asleep while driving his toy car! LOL! How funny is that? The power wheels truck is going in perfect circles around the garden and the little boy is exploring the world of dreams with his head resting on his shoulder! How cute is he? No sleeping allowed behind the wheel! Even if you are driving a power wheels truck!

But we can clearly see the little one loves his toy. When I’m sleepy, I can’ wait to get home and take a nap. But this little one didn’t want to stop his hilarious ride. Even though he was very tired and extremely sleepy he chose to take his power nap while on the power wheels truck. It’s clear he didn’t want to miss out on all the fun! When you think about it, his idea is genius! Why waste time and go into the house to sleep, only to get back out after a couple of hours when you can rest while on the power wheels truck. LOL! Just kidding, of course.

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