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July 21, 2015

Hey everyone, it’s Beau here – AFV’s Executive Producer Puppy. You might recognize me from my original series, Canine Chronicles! Yes, I know how to type… no big deal or anything (and I am definitely not drooling all over my owner’s laptop as I type this).  I’m here today to walk you through something very important: how to submit a clip to AFV through our awesome app!


Here at AFV, we know that you experience hilarious events in your every day life. For example, when your boss, Ricky Bobby, tries to steal your favorite toy! Instead of barking at your boss, catch him on tape stealing and playing with your toy! (Ricky Bobby, if you happen to be reading this, your fur looks really good today).


After you’re done filming with your phone, log on to our nifty app and find the upload button.


If you’re like me, you have tons of really funny videos on your phone. Even though famous clips like that one of the ticklish bulldog are entertaining, please remember to only upload your own original content to AFV! For my entry, I uploaded that wonderful video of my boss Ricky Bobby totally stealing… uh, I mean, borrowing… my ice cream toy. Also, I have a very good collection of cat vid – oh, wait… no, I don’t have any cat videos. What kinda dog has cat videos on their phone? Jeesh, what a typo. Moving on!!


After you submit your video, it may take a minute or two to process and load. I know, I know – we’re all busy. I have so many naps to take in a day that sometimes I get overwhelmed with loading times. However, hold on tight! Your video is important to us and we want the world to see it!


Congratulations! Once your clip uploads, you have successfully submitted it through AFV’s app! Thanks for your participation and make sure to tune in to Canine Chronicles to follow my life as AFV’s EPP!


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