Watch Out Shaun White! This Snowboarding T-Rex Shreds Like A Pro

September 6, 2018

The best part about winter is bundling up in your snow gear and heading outside to play in the powder.  From sledding to making snow angels, or even snowboarding down the street, there are endless ways to make your front yard your very own winter wonderland.  It may be cold outside, but snow games totally make it worth the chilly weather.  

If you thought playing outside in the snow was just for kids, then guess again!  

Kids may love snow saucering down an icy hill or sledding down the slopes through the trees, but adults love getting in on the winter time action too!

And dinosaurs??  This cool dad takes it a step further and dresses up like a huge, scary T-Rex to go outside and play with the crazy little ones.  LOL!  I love the moment he opens the door and everyone is like, HUH?  What is a giant dinosaur doing in the front yard?!

Multiple cameras are set up to make sure this moment doesn’t get missed.  Grandpa is set and ready with the tripod to capture T-Rex’s grand entrance into the snowy front yard playground.  Just in case he messes it up, someone else is armed and ready with their smartphone to record what is for sure going to be the funniest thing this neighborhood has seen all winter.  

With confidence and A LOT of height, T-Rex cruises out onto the front lawn like no big deal.  It’s totally normal to see a giant prehistoric carnivore sauntering through the hood ready to join in with the kid’s snow games, right?

Even though this monster is huge, he has no problem walking through the icy, slippery snow without losing his balance and crashing hard on his giant tail.  Big, scary T-Rex heads straight for the snow scooter that appears to be a little too small for his giant body.  Being too huge for the kid’s toy isn’t stopping him though.  He’s ready to ride!  (And show off his skills to all his neighbors.)  

This dude is getting me super excited for winter!

With a smooth start and a couple scoots, T-Rex is off and riding down the middle of the street while all the kids laugh and scream at this totally ridiculous sight! 

Can you imagine running out your front door to pick up the kids from school and seeing a giant dinosaur scooting down the street in the snow?!

He’s a little wobbly, but he’s off and moving!  Even getting nailed with snowballs by the neighborhood kids doesn’t tip this sturdy T-Rex off his snow scooter.  He’s got mad skills!  Watch out Shaun White, you might have some dinosaur competition at the next Winter Olympics!  If you’re looking for a snowboarding coach, you may have just found the best one in the world.  

If a gigantic T-Rex can kill it on a kid’s snow scooter, then there’s no excuse for anyone to suck hard on their sled or snowboard!  This guy shows you that any person, or dinosaur, of any size, can boogie down the snow with grace and speed.  You just need the right skills, and probably a ton of practice to stay standing while kids pummel you with snowballs!  Wow, I bet this family is so happy that they caught this hilarious memory on video!

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