Watch People Squeal In The Funniest Bug Pranks

November 7, 2018

A little office prank here and there never hurts anyone, right?  Unless you’re the one with a tarantula crawling on your desk!  Watch people squeal in the funniest bug pranks you’ve ever seen!

It turns out, all it takes is a tiny plastic bug to nearly give someone a heart attack.  Watch these videos and you will die laughing!

If you want to scare the bejeezus out of your siblings, all you need is one small, plastic bug.  In the video, the prankster sister secretly places the bug next to her sleeping sister’s head on the couch.  When she wakes up, the prankster sister asks her what’s next to her head.  She calmly turns her head over and sees the tiny bug laying right next to her face.

She screams and explodes off the couch and crashes on the floor hard!  Everyone laughs hysterically watching her freak out over the fake bug.  Such a mean prank, but SO funny to watch!  That’s siblings for you!

The most unexpected (and questionably mean) way to prank someone with a fake bug:  hide it in the cupcake they’re about to eat!

No one ever suspects that when they bite into a freshly baked cupcake, they will end up with a bug in their mouth!  Watch as this prankster family enjoys a freshly baked batch of cupcakes.  They all comment on how delicious they are as they dive right in and chow down.  Then, the camera moves to grandma who’s about to take her first bite.  Slowly, she bites into the baked delight expecting to love it just as much as everyone else.  As she bites in, she realizes something is wrong.  She looks so confused!

As she bites into the cupcake, she discovers something hard that definitely shouldn’t be there.  She slowly pulls it out of her mouth and tries to figure out what the heck it is?  OMG it’s a bug!  She totally freaks out and screams while everyone laughs hysterically!

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