Watch The 5 Funniest Videos Of Smart Dogs Here

October 8, 2018

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, but did you know that they have brains and talent too?  If you’re a dog lover, watch the 5 funniest videos of smart dogs here and you might pick up some tricks to teach your pup!

1.  Genius Dog Uses His Resources To Get Where He Wants To Go

I’ve never seen anything like this before!  This funny dog knows what his end goal is:  To nap on the office chair.  The only problem is that it’s too high for him to jump up on.  Most dogs would give up, plop down on the floor, and go for a snooze.  Not this funny pup!

This determined dog takes in what’s available to him in the room and devises a plan.  Using his tail like an arm, he grabs a smaller chair and drags it over to the big rolling office chair.  Creating a DIY step stool, he places the smaller chair in front of the big chair.  He jumps up on to the small chair, then effortlessly hops onto the big chair.  Yes, mission accomplished!  This funny dog curls up in the big chair and is ready to nap in peace.


2.  Einstein Dog Solves Math Problems

I’ve seen a lot of things in my day, but I’ve never seen a dog that can solve math problems!  Meet Noodles – the canine math genius.  His owner gives him addition problems, and Noodles solves them by tapping his paw on her hand.  Problem after problem, getting more difficult each time, Noodles answers correctly and doesn’t mess up once!  Noodles is clearly a genius!

3.  Liberace Dog Kills It Playing Piano!

Talk about passion and fire!  This funny dog can play the piano better than most humans I know!  And he LOVES it!  His owner asks him if he will play a song for her on the piano, and before she can say another word, he’s up in front of the keys.  Just like Liberace, he starts pounding the keys with passion and fire!  He goes nuts as he plays a funny song for his owner.  This dog has got musical talent like I’ve never seen!

4.  Clever Pup Figures Out A Way To Play Catch With Himself

No one around to play catch with?  No problem!  This super smart pup has figured out a way to still play catch even if there’s no one around to throw the ball.  

Looking for another use for your potter’s wheel?  Well, look no further if you have a lovable furball at home!  This smart dog uses his owner’s potter’s wheel as a device to spin the ball around so he can catch it in his mouth.  So clever!

5.  Funny Dog Climbs Over 2 Baby Gates To Escape The Kitchen

If you’re thinking, hmm, why would this dog’s owner need to stack up 2 baby gates to keep his dog in the kitchen?  Well, you’ll see why when you watch this video.  Like a rock climber, this strong pup scales the double stacked gates with his paws.  He hoists himself over the top and leaps out into the living room!  Wow!

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