Watch The 5 Funniest Water Park Disasters Right Here

October 9, 2018

One of the most exciting things about summer is heading to the water park for the day with your family.  Watch out for those wave pools though!  Watch the 5 funniest water park disasters right here and you might think twice before getting in the lazy river with your kids!

1.  Wave Pool Surfing Lesson That Ends Horribly

This funny teen girl was smart to get a surfing lesson from the lifeguard at this wave pool!  She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to balance on a tiny board while the powerful wave machine wooshes underneath her.  Everything looks like it’s going well as she mounts the surfboard with the help of her instructor.  The helpful lifeguard holds her hands as she finds her balance on the board with the water rushing underneath her.  Cautiously, he releases her one hand at a time.  Boom!  She is off and surfing!  Things are going well, then all of the sudden, the wave pool eats up her surfboard and she face plants into the water!  Ouch!


2.  Dorky Dad Tries To Show Off But Eats It Hard Instead

Oh, boy.  This dude really thinks he’s the man!  Standing on his knees on a boogie board, he flexes his muscles as he surfs the wave pool.  This funny dad is so confident that he’s going to totally kill it in the wave pool that he gets his buddy to record him.  I bet he’s hoping there’s plenty of ladies around to watch him flex his biceps like a bodybuilder!  Then, it happens.  He eats it hard while everyone laughs hysterically behind the camera.  How embarrassing!

3.  Funny Girl Fails At Boogie Boarding In Wave Pool

Dropping into a wave pool for the first time can be super scary!  The powerful waves plummet through the pool taking no mercy as they eat up and spit out the poor surfers trying to hang on for the ride.  This funny girl carefully listens to the instructions of the lifeguard who directs her on where to aim when she takes off.  After telling her to take her shoes off (DUH!) she instructs the scared girl to get on her knees to push off on the board.  The lifeguard tells her to aim for the middle of the pool after she takes off.  She takes off and swiftly surfs to the end of the pool with no problem!  Everything seems to have gone perfectly…until she stands up.  She gets up and slips right back in the pool gets sucked back up by the powerful waves!

4.  Chubby Dude Gets Totally Beat Up By Wave Pool

This proves just how strong wave pools are!  This funny guy, who is a bit big-boned, gets totally plowed by the powerful wave pool.  His wife behind the camera is laughing hysterically and actually asking, “am I recording my husband dying?”  Yet it was funny enough that no one was concerned enough to rush to his rescue.  Poor dude!

5.  Adorable Tot Gets Plummeted In Lazy River

If you thought that lazy rivers were totally safe and mellow, think again!  This funny family is cruising down the river not expecting a thing.  Out of nowhere, a huge stream of water dumps down on this cute little girl and practically drowns her!  Her dad laughs hysterically as he watches the whole disaster unfold!

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