Watch The Funniest Tubing Fails Right Here

October 26, 2018

If you’ve ever been for a ride on an inner tube, then you know how thrilling it can be.  Riding on an inflatable tube isn’t as easy as it looks though!  Watch the funniest tubing disasters right here and you will laugh for hours!

Epic Family Rafting Fail

There’s nothing funnier than a family who is down to go on wild adventures together.  Dad and his two kids are having the time of their lives on this high-speed river raft.  Mom is behind the camera filming her family’s crazy adventure.  Dad and the kids swiftly skim over the water at top speed with smiles ear to ear.  They don’t have a care in the world!  Safely suited up in life jackets, the whole family seems to be riding this inflatable raft like pros.  No one expected what was coming next!

The boat starts to make a sharp turn and the raft hits the waves a little harder.  Getting more air as they fly over the waves, the raft jumps higher and higher with the family hanging on for dear life.  Then, it happens.  The raft flies over a giant wave and bam!  It flips over and dumps all three family members in the water.  Good thing they were wearing life jackets!


Funny Dude Pops Inner Tube And Crashes In The Snow

Let this be a warning to you inner tubers out there – tubes have weight limits!  One size does not fit all.  This funny guy proves that as we watch his slide down the side of a snowy hill in a blow up tube.  He is cruising down the hill swiveling forward and backward and he descends.  You can tell this guy is a daredevil in the snow!  In slow motion, he hits a tiny bump on the ground and POP!  The inner tube literally explodes like a pin popping a balloon!  Ouch!  That couldn’t have felt very good!

Dorky Dad Plops Down Into Inner Tube And Back Flips Instead

For sure, the hardest part about inner tubing is getting in and out of the slippery thing.  Especially when it’s wet and already in the water.  It takes skill and practice to plop yourself into the center of the ring without awkwardly stumbling and falling over.  Confidently, he prepares to mount the tube in the river.  Taking a reverse approach, he backs into it butt first, aiming straight for the hole.  His aim is totally on point and he land smack dab in the middle of the tube.  The only problem is that he plopped in with a little too much force and the tube flips over backward throwing him straight into the river.  So funny!

Crazy Grandparents Attempt To Go For A Ride On A Raft

You’re never too old to have some fun on the lake!  These awesome grandparents have their life vests on and are ready to go high-speed rafting on the lake.  First step: get on the raft.  Watch to see how far that goes!  LOL!

Ultimate Rafting Fail!

This is the craziest rafting fail you will ever see! 

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