Watch These Dorky Dads Fail Hard At Being Cool

December 3, 2018

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by your dad trying to act cool, then you have to watch these videos!  You know he means well, but that doesn’t make it any less mortifying when he dorks out on camera.  I guarantee you will laugh hard when you watch these dorky dads fail hard at being cool!

Wannabe skater dad totally eats it in front of the cool kids on DIY backyard skate ramp.

Confident and cool on his skateboard, this funny dad is ready to rock the half pipe and show off his mad skills to his boys.  Helmet on and ready to go, he sets up on the edge of the ramp ready to drop in.  But will he grind without totally crashing in front of his boys?  Watch and find out!


The glory days are over for this former karate master who just can’t kick it anymore.

Ah, father and son bonding time.  It’s a special thing.  Of course dads want to share in their sons sports and activities.  Check out this dad who still thinks he’s got his karate kick down.  Your butt will hurt just watching this video!

Super daring dad tries to prove he’s still one of the boys by attempting ridiculous Parkour stunt.

Even for a teen who’s in stellar shape, Parkour is insane.  You have to be a super athlete on another level to literally defy gravity.  Check out this sporty dad who thinks he’s got the chops to pull off a hairy backyard Parkour course.  Ouch!

The kid’s pool party is over after this clumsy dad totally busts the diving board and goes crashing into the water.  

Here’s a way to lose your popularity with the neighborhood kids…be the guy who breaks the diving board at their summer pool party!  LOL!  It’s a cannonball competition at this backyard party and the kids are nailing their splashes!  Next up:  Dad.  Boo!

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