We Can’t Get Enough Of This Selfie Stick Madness!

December 7, 2018

If you think you’re bad at taking selfies, wait until you see these folks!  From crazy photo bombs to seniors taking their first selfie, these videos will crack you up.  We can’t get enough of this selfie stick madness!

You WON’T believe how this seemingly perfect Winter Wonderland journey ends.  Check out this selfie stick sledding catastrophe!

Everything seems perfect as this beautiful mother and daughter go sledding down a hill.  Armed with a selfie stick, mom is super excited to capture this loving moment with her daughter on camera.  Just wait till you see what happens in the end!


The sweetest grandma you’ve ever seen is utterly blown away when she sees a selfie stick for the first time!

You would think this lovely grandma was talking to aliens by the look of shock and awe on her face!  Her granddaughter is showing her a selfie stick for the first time and she can’t believe her eyes.  Yes, it’s you and yes, it’s right now.  HA!  Seniors are the absolute best!

Lion feels left out of tourist’s selfie and totally photo bombs her video at the zoo!  LOL!

Get ready to jump when this lion at the zoo decides she doesn’t want to miss out on some selfie stick action!  If you’re ready for an up and close video with a lion, then you have to see this.  Thank goodness there’s a window between them or this tourist might have gotten more of a selfie than she bargained for!

Babbling teen high on meds after dental surgery poses for selfies and thinks she’s a supermodel!

Thank goodness Snapchat wasn’t around when I was a teen and had my wisdom teeth removed!  If you’ve ever had major dental surgery, then you know how bubbly and numb you are from the meds after you wake up.  It’s a total fake sense of euphoria.  You can’t shut up even though your mouth is stuffed with cotton and you think everything and everyone is amazing.  No exception here.  This teen insists, despite her mom and sister’s warnings, that she wants to post selfies on social media.  I think it’s safe to say she will regret that decision later on!

Sassy giraffe is sick of taking selfies with tourists and isn’t shy about it!

I think we can say this giraffe is done with annoying tourists sticking cameras in his face.  Watch what happens when a tourist tries to take a selfie video with the big spotted creature.  LOL!

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