Wedding Comes To Halt When Toddler Steals Mic For Hilarious Speech

May 16, 2018

We’ve ALL been at weddings where everything is going great — the drinks are good, the DJ is on a roll, and the bride and groom are tearing up the dance floor. And then, suddenly the music stops. Dun dun DUN! You look over and the groom’s drunk uncle has the microphone! Oh no! He starts making some longwinded speech that never seems to end even though people are clearly not interested. Honestly, I feel like this happens at every wedding. Why do people even invite this guy? I’ve seen this happen a million times. But I’ve never seen a rambling wedding speech like THIS one! I could have watched this speech for hours more. And the culprit was… this adorable little girl! Just wait until you see this.

Make sure you have your sound on for this video, people! This tiny toddler got her hands on the microphone at this wedding. The bride and groom were speechless at her impromptu speech. And they should be, because she wasn’t talking about their relationship like a normal wedding speech! Instead, she started rambling on and on about… her birth?

I couldn’t stop laughing while this hilarious little girl talked all about the day she was born on the microphone. Clearly, she doesn’t understand the concept of a wedding speech. She continued to ramble on and on about her new school while the entire audience laughed uncontrollably. Man, I’ve never heard a wedding speech that was so adorable.

Her daddy stepped in to get the wedding party back on track. He whispered in her ear to congratulate the bride and groom, and she listened! Everyone roared in applause. I’m positive that it was the best speech of the night.

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