Well-Behaved German Shepherd Refuses To Walk Through Broken Screen Door

April 17, 2018

Most of the time, the struggle is getting dogs to behave as they should. Here at AFV, we’ve seen countless videos of guilty dogs refusing to admit their wrongdoings. But this sweet German Shepherd is not one of them. Instead, he seems like he’s trying very hard not to do anything wrong and that his owner is trying to trick him into doing something wrong. Well, this clever canine won’t fall for it!

This man’s screen door is broken. But apparently, his German Shepherd didn’t get the memo. He still thinks the glass is in the door!

It’s unclear what happened to the glass screen door. Maybe the dog is the one that destroyed it. Either way, there’s no glass pane there separating outside from inside. Instead, the door is just a glorified window. But the dog doesn’t know this. He doesn’t realize that he can walk right through it. So no matter how many times his owner tries to coax him through it, the dog refuses to walk through. My guess is that this dog has experienced running into the freshly cleaned back door before. He’s learned his lesson. He’s not about to fall for the same old tricks Dad used to play on him.

He paws at the “door,” clearly getting more and more upset that his owner wont let him outside. Aww, come on, man! Let the poor pup outside!

Despite pawing at the door, the dog can’t seem to connect the dots. His paw goes right through where the glass used to be, but he’s still too nervous to step all the way through. Eventually, his owner opens the back door for him and he runs out like he usually does. At least his owner knows he won’t take off running at the first sign of freedom. He’s just too good a dog.

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