When Shopping Til You Drop Backfires

December 5, 2018

We’ve entered the countdown to Christmas! It’s the busiest shopping month of the year. So what better time to explore what happens when shopping… goes wrong and backfires. Sure, going to the mall always sounds fun. But in practice, sometimes it’s tiresome and tedious for the little ones. Before you start flooding the malls of America looking for stocking stuffers, have a good chuckle watching these videos. Who knows, maybe this will be you in a few days! Check out when shopping til you drop backfires!

This first video features a kid who isn’t tired of shopping. Not in the least. In fact, he refuses to stop. Even though they’re clearly in a boring hardware store, he’s not ready to let go of that shopping cart.

This isn’t his impression of Superman, he refuses to let go of the cart!


Have you ever gone shopping with your exhausted kids? They’re too young to leave at home and you can’t find a babysitter. So what happens? They take a snooze in the shopping cart.

Let’s hope he’s not grumpy when he wakes up from this nap in aisle 8!

There isn’t much else to say about this next video except…

I think she’s had enough.

Here’s a hilarious video of a very opinionated little girl. Who also happens to dislike her mom’s taste in clothing. Just watch her reaction when her mom shows her different articles of clothing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a five year old roll her eyes as hard as this one. 

This is one opinionated fashionista to be!

Finally, this isn’t exactly a shopping fail video. But it does feature a dude who’s pretty bored at the store and would rather show off a hilarious trick with the mirror.

I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

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