This Is What Happens When You Give Goats A Trampoline

January 11, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the secret lives that pets have? I know that I’ve always wondered about the shenanigans that my dog gets into when I’m not home. The boring truth is that he spends most of his day sleeping and waiting by his food bowl. But not these goats! One farmer secretly caught his goats on tape while he was away, and what he found was shocking. This is what his animals got up to.
The farmer’s goats jumped and partied on his trampoline while he was gone!

Can you believe that? This farmer set up a camera and caught his fiesty goats having the most wild time we’ve ever seen — talk about party animals. These fellas appeared to have the time of their lives jumping up and down on their owner’s trampoline. It looked like such a good time that even I wish I could have joined in.

Most animal lovers will know that goats love to jump. So you can imagine how ecstatic they were when they found this trampoline. Wild goats live in mountainous areas, which is why they needed to learn how to jump and climb onto things. But I bet you they haven’t run into a trampoline in the wild!
Believe me, when you combine animal instinct with a trampoline, hilarity ensues…

Did you know that goats can be taught other tricks, too?  In fact, goats can even be taught how to sit, shake hands, walk on their hind legs, and jump through hoops. With skills like these, goats are bound to be the next generation of circus performers. It’s no surprise that these cuties can be trained so easily — they were one of the first animals that humans learned to train over 9,000 years ago.

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