When Your Prank Backfires: How To Get Your Friends Back

August 1, 2018

Being a prankster doesn’t mean that you’re a bad friend.  It just means that you like to stir it up from time to time and make things a little more exciting!  You’re not trying to give anyone a heart attack or a permanent phobia of the dark, you’re just looking for a laugh, right?  Pranks create some of the most epic memories between friends that will last for decades.  But sometimes, the prank doesn’t always go as planned and instead of getting laughs, you get the boot.  If your prank isn’t executed properly, it can come off as mean-spirited, and even worse, can backfire and damage your relationships in the end.  Not to worry, by simply apologizing, showing that you’re willing to embarrass yourself too, maybe baking something delicious, and a lot of persistence, you can get your friends back and move on like nothing ever happened!


Not everyone is great at crawling back to their friends with their tail between their legs. But simply acknowledging that you were wrong to not jump in the freezing cold lake with everyone else might be enough to win them over.  The key to a successful apology is to be genuine and real.  Don’t hold back those tears from pouring out like Niagra Falls!  Raw emotion is incredibly effective when trying to convince your friends to forgive you for being shady.  Use body language if necessary, like dropping to your knees and begging until your friends cave and agree to hang out with you again.


If you can’t get your friends to accept your apology for putting mustard in their cupcakes, the next best thing is to do something super embarrassing to prove how much you want their friendship back.  If you really want to make a statement, film your embarrassing moment and post it on social media for the whole world to see!  This is a sure-fire tactic for repairing your friendship with the people who once trusted you.  If you put mustard in their cupcakes, go bigger and smash a whole cake in your face and tag them on your Insta story!  The bigger and more embarrassing, the better!


Psychologists have found that there are benefits to baking for other people.  It’s a productive form of self-expression and a way to communicate your genuine sorrow for the embarrassment you caused your friends.  Baking is giving, and therefore an act of altruism that further demonstrates that you’re actually a good person who cares.  Bake a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies and hand deliver them to your friend’s door, and they are sure to forgive you for your prank that went wrong.


In business or in personal relationships, persistence is the key to success.  If apologizing, embarrassing yourself, and baking doesn’t work to fix your friendships, then start over again and be a little more creative.  Maybe take your apology public and post it on Instagram?  This will create an army of people who will support you and who will pressure your friends to finally forgive you.  Step right past your dignity and do whatever is necessary to convince your friends that you only have good intentions going forward.

There’s a fine line between pranking your friends and deliberately hurting them, and sometimes something that was meant to be funny ends up going too far.  This type of prank can easily ruin friendships and destroy trust between people.  If a prank goes wrong, and your friends won’t talk to you anymore, persistently apologizing, showing you’re willing to be embarrassed too, and baking sweet treats are sure ways to fix everything and go on making memories forever!

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