Whoever Called Winter A Wonderland Was Crazy

January 11, 2019

We are in the throes of winter! And if you’re in a cold weather climate, it probably already feels like you shoveled your driveway eighty times. Already sick of it? Personally, I’m from Michigan and I’ve experienced enough winter for one lifetime. So, if you’re looking for an excuse not to go outside and get the snow off your roof before it caves in, then you’re in luck! Because these hilarious videos prove that whoever called winter a wonderland was crazy!

Perhaps one of the most inexcusable parts of winter is that it keeps us from enjoying the pool. With that said, these folks aren’t letting the cold weather deter them from walking on the frozen above ground pool in their backyard. Problem is, it isn’t completely frozen.

Next time, you might wanna test the ice before standing on it!


Check out this poor guy who’s trying to carry his groceries uphill on a very icy day. He’s basically making no progress and looks absolutely miserable in the process.

Just leave the groceries outside, it’s colder then the freezer is anyway! 

This (next) poor guy is just trying to make some headway de-icing his driveway. But then, the ice flips the script. Before long, he’s sliding down the hill and nothing will stop him!

When it’s that icy, you might wanna just stay in for the month.

Don’t let the snow’s beauty fool you. It’s out to destroy us all! You might be thinking, this snow drift sure is beautiful…

But that’s not what this kid thinks when the snow drift falls on his head!

Snow even messes with dogs. If you think their fur coat insulates them from the downsides of winter, then check out this clip where a tennis ball is frozen solid to the ground.

We might have to wait until thaw to play fetch again!

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