Whole Family Laughs At Grandma Who Can’t Control Herself In Mall Massage Chair

May 17, 2018

My opinion of the day: massage chairs in malls are strange things that should not exist in public.

Whether they are in the thoroughfares or in places like Sharper Image or Brookstone, they draw people to them who are looking for a moment of blissful relaxation. But isn’t it kind of weird to watch someone get publicly massaged, even if it is just by a strange self-vibrating chair? It seems more like that particular experience that should be in an empty room, silent except for some quiet rain sounds coming from a small speaker Maybe that’s just me though.

The grandmother in this video was convinced to try one of the public massage chairs in her local mall while on a shopping trip with her daughter and her grandson. Soon it became clear that this was going to be an interesting experience for grandma, and an entertaining one for her family members watching her. That’s when her daughter decided to pull out her phone and document the moment. I don’t know what led her to submit it to AFV, but boy am I glad! Because this one sure made me smile. My favorite part is that while grandma looked totally uncomfortable and even slightly upset at times, she is giggling and laughing the entire time! In fact, I’d call her laughter straight up uncontrollable.

Why the laughter? Well it looks like grandma is pretty darn ticklish, and this massage chair acted more like tickle-torment for her than a nice relaxing spa treatment! Her daughter tries to tell her, “Just lay your head back and relax!” but she simply can’t do it. Her face gets all red while she continues letting out dozens of the cutest giggles ever. The bottom line is this, grandma just wasn’t built for those middle-of-the-mall massage chairs, and that’s perfectly okay!

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