Why You Should Just Say No… To Catnip

November 9, 2018

What is it about cats and catnip? It’s like it has some magical properties that make cats just lose their minds. These cats look like a bunch of kids on a late night sleepover after they snuck some espresso or something. These cats are wide-eyed and loony. Some look freaked out and paranoid. Other cats are acting more mellow than cats normally act, which is saying a lot. And some of these cats look like zombies after they’ve gotten into the nip! So take a load off and enjoy this video, which is living proof why you should just say no… to catnip!

How does your cat react when he gets into the catnip? My cat gets paranoid and crazy! He rubs his face in it, then walks away for a second or two, then leaps back onto the bag like it’s a mouse. It’s like he’s toying with it! But this video features the entire spectrum of cat responses, so one will almost certainly remind you of your cat. Sift through to see which one most resembles your own cat. My personal favorite catnip clips feature the cats just chilling on the couch with their tongue hanging out.

The way these cats are acting post-nip, you’d expect to see them on an episode of Law & Order!

We’re used to cats acting so regal and dignified. It’s strange to see them acting like weirdos. Here’s another favorite of mine, check out the clip of the cat trying to climb the mirror. Or maybe he thinks he’s fighting himself? Either way, he doesn’t seem to be giving up anytime soon!

Someone swipe these bags of catnip before things get out of hand!

If you’ve got any videos of your cat acting crazily because of catnip, please send them to us HERE! Until then, use catnip responsibly!


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