Wife Fakes Pregnancy Test And Horrifies Husband In April Fools Day Prank

June 13, 2018

April Fools is the chance for American’s to really flex their ingenuity. A day in which all pranks are culturally forgiven is music to child adults all across this country. The only thing left to decide is who to target and how ruthless to be. This particular wife pulled no punches when she chose her husband as her target and a fake pregnancy as her prank of choice. She opens the video with the common courtesy of setting up the prank for us. Pranksters take note even great pranks can be squashed because the audience doesn’t know what’s going on. Then there’s a pregnant pause (pun not intended) while we wait for her to go get the husband.

Here’s the crucial thing we don’t know when the husband arrives: do they want a kid? When they walk into the room and look at the fake pregnancy test the husband is obviously in shock with hints of an undistinguishable second emotion. He would go onto hold this face for the entirety of the video, which makes it more shocking that I can’t tell what he’s feeling. In some instances it looks like his eyes could be watering, but that could mean anything. In some moments it looks like his open jaw is about to break into a smile. But maybe that’s just because he’s starting to catch on. After only about 30 seconds of staring at the pregnancy test he sees through the lie. Full grin he asks “is this an April Fools?” He asks the wife a couple times each time getting more and more serious before she eventually lets him in on the joke. And finally, like someone who has outrun a bear he can relax. He puts his head in his hands and goes on to just process what he’s been through.

This video has really made me aware of somebody that I feel a lot of pity for. People who find out they are actually pregnant on April Fools and have to tell their significant other. The amount of proof that it must take to prove you’re not doing an April Fools must be insane. And imagine if they filmed the pregnancy reveal and nobody believed it. They could never show that kid that video. On an even broader note it reminds us that serious news should be illegal on April Fools because you don’t know what to trust.

The other thing worth bringing up is how good of a sport this husband is. After processing he’s able to laugh it off. Kudos to this guy because this could’ve gone a lot of different ways. But of course the question will always be there about what was really going through his head. No matter what that ability to keep his cool and not freak out will be critical if he ever really does become a parent.

April Fools Pranks are always crazy, if you have video of one of yours upload it HERE. And don’t forget to check out this hilarious video before.

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