Wild Pig Bites Woman’s Rear End On Beach

December 22, 2017


Now, this is one you’re not gonna forget! I am still processing what I just laid my eyes on. We’re gonna have to break this down piece by piece because so much went down in a mere thirty-four seconds. The video starts out and the perspective is from a giant spotted pig in the ocean.
Forget the farm! These guys love their tropical surroundings. They’d rather bask in the sun on the beach and get free food all day…and I can’t blame them!

The woman in a bikini in the video is acting like this is totally normal. She has a loaf of bread and she’s offering it out to the small pigs near her. The giant spotted wild pig is still far away and walking over. Pigs must have good eyesight cause how did he see the little guys getting fed so far away? And did you see how he storms over?
The pig wasn’t letting anything get in the way of him and his afternoon snack! The woman tries to get away from him and as she turns around, the wild pig bites her right in the rear-end!

I couldn’t believe it! It caused me to google “pig teeth.” Geez, this is one of those times where I think to myself, “Is this how I spend my workday?” Why yes, folks, it is and I got news for you…you gotta watch out for those canine teeth! Those are the sharp ones on their bottom teeth that hook into their prey.

I’m hoping the lady moved away fast enough that this guy’s canines didn’t poke into her. She sure was in shock that he bit her, but what do you expect? He’s out there in the wild and hungry! Why should he spend all the energy trying to catch a fish when he can just get bread from you? Or wait, do pigs eat fish? Time to google…LOL!

Pigs are such cute and intelligent animals. And as we can see, they are full of energy!

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