Wish-Hungry Girl Blows Out Every Match Before Mom Can Light Birthday Candle

June 12, 2018

What’s your favorite part of your birthday party? Is it the cake? For some’ it’s definitely the delicious cake. For me, any occasion that includes a cake is instantly a party! I simply LOVE IT! And I love those cakes that some would say are a little bit too much. You know those chocolate cakes that have chocolate over the chocolate and then some more chocolate? Yes, that’s my favorite! Mmmm! And I don’t mind if it’s winter or summer, I still absolutely love it, and can eat it whenever. Some prefer those fruit cakes during summer, but not me. Chocolate is always a GREAT idea! Wouldn’t you agree with me?

Now when we’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite thing about parties is the cake, now it’s time to reveal a little bit more. When I was young, my favorite part about birthday parties was blowing out the birthday candle. Ah! I was so excited about it when I was a kid, especially because of the wish I would make before blowing out the birthday candle. At that time I had only one doubt in my mind. And that was which wish to choose. Should I wish for the new Barbie doll or that pink dream car I always wanted? So many problems. LOL!

However, it seems that not everyone has the same problem. Apparently, there are some children who think of their wish even before the birthday candle is lit, and then they can’t wait to blow it out. LOL! Just like the girl in this video.

The adorable tot girl who has thought of her wish, and now she can’t wait to blow out the birthday candle. However, it seems she has more than one wish, so she has found the perfect way for all of them come true. How? Here’s the trick. Each time her grandma lights one birthday candle, this cute little girl blows it out before the woman lights another one. So, she tries to do it again and again, but the girl keeps blowing it out. Eventually, she pulls the cake away from her granddaughter and then lights all of them. But as soon as the family starts to sing Happy Birthday, the girl leans in and tries to blow out her candles out early! What a hilarious sight.

Do you have a hilarious birthday video we should see? Upload it HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below.

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