Keep Calm and Wobble Baby Wobble All Day Long

May 31, 2016

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You’ve seen the slo-mo feature on the iPhone used for many things, but this may be the most adorable. It’s “Wobble Baby Wobble Baby” and it is absolutely mesmerizing. Watch it wiggle, see it be adorable and try not to pinch its cheeks right through the darn screen. You have to agree that this is the world’s best wobble dance and here’s the world’s best wobble baby song! Watch and laugh all your wobbly bits to pieces!
Wobble baby wobble! So cute, jiggly, and adorable, don’t you think?

Who doesn’t love a funny baby video? We sure do! That is why we have a bunch of them, apart from this little ball of sunshine! We love baby videos so much that we made this amazing post where you’ll see the Seven Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults. Yup, we made pretty serious, nearly scientific comparisons and we are sure. Why do you ask? Well, for one, they spill everything, they can’t walk in a straight line, they can fall asleep anywhere! Want to see more? Well, check our video, we’re sure you’ll love it!
Your day still sucks? Need more funny baby videos? Sure, why not!

As long as you are here, you should check out 10 Adorable Babies Who Look Exactly Like Emojis. We have them all – smiley, angry, happy, cute, cool, surprised, sad, sweet, bored, and all of them just simply adorable! Although we have nothing against emojis, it sure would be nice to have a smiley baby as the main emoticon on smartphones. Cute babies can really make one’s day!

Have a funny jiggly, shaky moment we should see? We would love to see your funny video! Don’t be shy and upload it HERE. You might win our grand prize! You’ll never know if you don’t try!


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