Woman Climbs Monkey Bar Obstacle And Epically Crashes At The Very End

June 14, 2018

There is a woman atop a monkey-bar type contraption, high above a pool of water. She’s like a Ninja Warrior and nothing will stop her. Will she fall in? (of course). Will she fall in when you least expect it? (yes). And will she fail so epically that even though you can see it coming a mile away, you still break up in hysterics when she does? (most definitely). It’s really funny made even funnier by the female bystander who is watching by the side of the pool and who turns away a second before the woman crashes into the water.

Obstacle courses can actually be amazing for your health. They are both challenging and filled with fun and you can get pretty dirty participating in one. But here are some of the benefits! First off, it strengthens your heart. The more blood your heart pumps, the stronger it gets – it is that simple. Secondly, you can get into great shape by participating in obstacle courses. You can burn calories and fat, and lose weight to boot. Plus, they can keep things interesting – they make a great break from the usual routine at the gym! There is no way you can get bored with an obstacle course as they are constantly changing.

Obstacle courses are great stress relievers too – they can stabilize you on an emotional level because they focus you on one task (finishing the course!). Some experts think that having high stress going into a race is actually a benefit because it gives something to focus your anger and frustration on. And crossing that finish line can be a great stress-reducer too (although you might not want to fall into the pool at the very last second either). And here’s another boon; did you know that within approximately ten minutes of being outdoors, the sun activates the vitamin D inside your body. This in turn begins strengthening bones and making them denser. Not only that, high-impact exercise also improves bone mass. Each time you participate in an obstacle course, you build endurance and strength too meaning that you get better each time too.

You can also boost both your balance and coordination too. As you run an obstacle course, you are constantly adjusting and coordinating all your limbs, muscles, and even your senses. Your brain is constantly evaluating then reevaluating every task you are faced with and so a course like this really helps it improve itself and its skills. Your brain also toughens itself up too as it deals with the course and driving you to finish it. And while it is not necessarily an obvious benefit, running obstacle courses help your social life too as you will be meeting like-minded people who all enjoy the same thing you do. Why, you could all devise your own obstacle courses and race amongst yourselves too.

What funny things have you seen athletes do? Upload videos of them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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