Woman Horrified When Pup Squats Down To Poo Inside Her Brand New House

June 13, 2018

If any dog owner could ask his or her pup does it prefer to sit down and watch TV or to go outside and play fetch, I’m quite sure that the vast majority of our best four-legged friends would vote outdoors fun! And the one in this video is no different, and he is not ashamed to show it!

The star of this video is an adorable pup who is taking a tour around a new house with his lady owner. She is showing him around their new home. Both of them seem very excited about this big, spacious apartment. The woman is especially thrilled about a big bright room where she plans to put a big TV, but when she tells that to her cute little pup, he runs in the center of it and poops! LOL! I guess that’s how he feels about having a TV room in their new home! LOL! Of course, she screams in horror, but it’s too late! Hilarious!

I don’t mean to side with a puppy, however, I have to, just a little bit. Just imagine being a young pup, full of life and energy. The last thing you want your owner to have is a TV room. Instead of walking and playing with you, the owner would sit and binge her favorite shows, while you silently suffer in the corner! The puppy decisively said no to this scenario. He wants his owner to spend all her free time playing outside with him. There’s no room for TV in the life of this pup. Yes, he is a bit needy, however, I get him.

All young pups are this unpredictable. You never know what next will they do. Apart from not knowing how to properly do number one and two around the house, young pups have many quirks. They have temper tantrums, just like kids, they chew, bite, bark, howl… Sometimes, it’s like having a furry toddler roaming around the house, however, this one will never become a responsible adult. LOL!

I am sure this owner was furious at her canine best friend, but not for a long. If I was her, I’d think about that TV room. Perhaps if she turns it into a puppy room, this doggo won’t protest so strongly! You never know until you try! LOL!

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