Nurses Alarmed To Find Horrifying Monster Baby Between Pregnant Patient’s Legs

March 8, 2018

I know that millions of women give birth every year, and that the miracle of life is a beautiful thing (in theory) but actually being pregnant and delivering a baby seems downright terrifying. If it were me who was in the midst of labor in that hospital room, I would be focusing very intently on remaining calm and getting it all over with. But that’s just me, and the woman in this video is a whole other story! Not only is she calm, but she’s cool and collected enough to plan an insane prank on her two unsuspecting nurses!
I’m willing to bet that these nurses have never run into something like THIS on the job before!

First she showed the camera her prized prop – a demonic baby doll with black fangs and glowing red eyes. Yikes, where did she even get that thing? Then she explained her master plan – she was going to place it down between her legs under the hospital sheet, then she’ll call her nurses into the room and complain of some abdominal pain. Her co-conspirator with the camera was going to sit in the corner and record the nurses as they went to check her out, to capture how they reacted to the hideous newborn monster lurking down below! No surprise, they reacted just as expected…terrified!
Fingers crossed that the baby she actually delivers is a little less scary than that one!

I think the chances of that are pretty good though, considering babies are notoriously adorable and that thing is straight up not! But in all seriousness, congratulations to the lucky new parents…I hope your brand new bundle of joy inherits your unique sense of humor.

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