Woman Pranks Older Man With Exploding Golf Ball

May 16, 2018

Golf is such an amazing sport if you know how to play it properly. However, if you are not a skilled golfer, you can still find a way to have lots of fun with it. For example, you can prank those skilled golfers when they least expect it. That’s exactly what this video is about! You are in for a treat!

As the video begins, you can see a man playing golf on a beautiful sunny day. He hits the ball, but then hilarity ensues! Little did he know about the surprise that was waiting for him!

As soon as the golfer touches the ball, it explodes! He’s been pranked with an exploding golf ball! Judging by his reaction you can tell this is definitely not the first time he’s been pranked this way! LOL! Just like the golfer man says, everything is fun and games until someone loses an eye! Too funny for words!

But, even though he was just pranked, he’s not angry with the woman who pranked him. The entire situation is so hilarious, and even he can’t hide it! I don’t have a doubt in my mind he’s already used to these pranks, but they never get boring! LOL! I have a feeling this won’t be the last time this woman pulls a prank like this on him. So funny!

Do you know golf is one of only two sports which were played on the moon? It was played in 1971 by Allan Shephard, a member of the Apollo 14. How interesting! But I believe all of you golf enthusiasts already knew this.

Well, prepare for a good laugh, because this video is just that good!

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