World’s Youngest Frugalista Goes Bonkers Over Coupons

September 10, 2018

Everyone knows it’s important to start saving early, even if you’re really not that great at penny-pinching and being frugal.  If you’re like me, giving up your daily latte and always cooking every meal at home can seem impossible to do in the long run.  I’ll make it maybe a week by giving up lattes and eating out, but I’m just not one of those lucky people who are good at restricting themselves from the crazy extra stuff I buy every day.  Sure, I could clip coupons and probably save a lot of money in the long run, but it’s just too much work and takes up so much time.  Being frugal is just so hard when you’re life is going a million miles an hour and you don’t have time to stop and clip coupons to save some cash.

I wish I was born with a love for coupons like this adorable little girl.

This sweet little girl loves coupons so much that’s she’s actually in tears over the fact that there aren’t any for her to play with!

Oh man, I wish I could trade places with this tiny tot!  I’m the opposite of her:  looking at coupons makes me cry!  They give me massive anxiety and remind me how bad I am at sticking to my budget and being super restrictive about what I spend my hard earned money on.  

Her mom behind the camera must be singing Hallelujah that she’s raising a daughter who’s so emotionally committed to saving money and living a financially responsible life.  Besides sounding sympathetic to her sobbing daughter who is devastated that there aren’t any coupons around, I know that secretly inside she’s asking herself how she got so lucky to have such a well-disciplined little tot?  I know that my mom would have been singing praises of joy if I was as frugal as this little one when I was a toddler.  Sadly for her, that wasn’t the case at all.  

Then, the magical moment happens!

Dad hands a sheet of coupons to his little frugalista, and her eyes light up with joy!  She’s gleaming and grinning ear to ear now that she has the coupons she loves so much!

One sheet of coupons isn’t enough for this tiny money saving tot.  She wants more and more and more!  The more coupons she has, the more money she can save!  There’s never enough coupons anyone can have, right?  This baby girl is on her way to financial freedom.  Watch out Suze Orman, there’s a new financial expert in town!  

She’s begging mommy for more coupons to play with.  Her tears immediately dry up and she spreads the coupons out on the floor to admire.  This girl has got a plan!  I am so jealous and would give anything to be a naturally responsible planner like her.  Stick with this one, and you’ll never have to worry about debt or saving for retirement!  

This tiny money expert has definitely got a future ahead of her as a star in the world of personal finance!

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