Young Baseballer’s Terrible Swing Somehow Leads To Epic Home Run

June 14, 2018

“Come on, Jackson!” With those words of encouragement from mom, young Jackson steps up to the plate. He is going to bat the ball and be just like all his heroes. The ball is thrown and Jackson hits it – but it does not go far. In fact, it literally bounces into the sand right in front of him. The catcher grabs the ball – this should be a no brainer. What it turns into, however, is a no good players on the other team – because try as they might, they cannot tag him out. First Jackson races like a bat out of hell to first base and he rounds it just as the ball is thrown to the guy on first base. Whose on first? Oh no. This is not what this video is about so let’s not go there. The guy on first base can’t run fast enough to tag little Jackson out who is running faster than the Flash on steroids. The guy on first throws the ball to the guy on second – who completely misses it because the ball is thrown so haphazardly. All this is good news for Jackson who does not miss a beat and keeps on running.

Jackson races past second base as the other team fumble and scramble to find the ball. He gets to third before they have even found it and he starts accelerating to home plate just as the kid on second throws it. The ball flies threw the air – this could be it. It’s about to all be over for Jackson’s epic run and…oh wait, no it is not. In fact, it is far from over. Jackson keeps running and the kid on fourth base runs to catch the ball. He positions himself, holds his hands out, and…misses. The ball slips through his hands just as Jackson makes it home to score an EPIC home run. And the crowd goes wild! This kid can turn lemons into lemonades like nobody’s business and he has just led his terrible foul ball to a home run. Go Jackson! You have a bright future ahead of you if you can keep up the speed of your running.

Here are some fun facts about Little League. It began in 1938 when a lumberyard clerk, Carl Stotz, was trying to play catch with his nephews and thought up the idea of a local league. He drew up rules that are still in play today and put together enough kids and equipment to form three teams. Stotz then managed to achieve the near-impossible; he got corporate sponsorship from local businesses and they were off to the races. The first ever game was played in 1939 between Lundy Lumber and Lycoming Dairy. The score was 23-8 in Lundy’s favor. But by 1947, there were twelve competing teams and its first ever championship netted 2,500 spectators!

What funny things have you seen kids do? Upload videos of them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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