Young Boy Puts On Insane Contortionist Circus Show For Family During Breakfast

June 5, 2018

Here’s the bottom line, you guys: this kid is insanely flexible!

He can stretch and twist and turn and scrunch up his body in ways that you definitely do not see everyday. Unless you’re his parents…then maybe you do see it everyday! For instance, that time of day when you’re sitting down in the kitchen eating your routine bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (it looks like they’re actually eating something called Vita Brits in this clip?) and suddenly your son Aaron stands from the table, lifts up his shirt, and makes his stomach disappear before your very eyes? After that, he removes his shirt, turns around, and sprouts wings where his shoulder blades should be?! Yep, that’s every morning for this family. Luckily they decided to get out their camera and film it happen on this particular morning, and then took the extra step to share proof of their son’s whacky talent with the world by uploading their video to AFV.

It turns out it might not be as rare as I thought though, because a quick Google search told me that around 10% of people have hyper mobility, aka double-jointedness, aka the ability to stretch and bend their bodies more than the average person can. Hyper mobility is the scientific/medical term for the condition, which by itself is not usually associated with any severe health issues. But another common title for those lucky enough to be born with this rather quirky skill is contortionist. Contortionists showcase their extreme physical flexibility through shocking performance art, oftentimes to music and usually in front of a live audience. Contortion shows can be seen everywhere from amusement parks to nightclubs to music videos to traveling circuses to Broadway.

Contortionists do a variety of different moves, all depending on what their specific body is capable of. For instance, some people are known as front benders and others are back benders, depending on which direction their body most easily moves. It’s almost always one or the other, and is rarely ever both. And while much of it relies on genetics, people who do this professionally also train and exercise on a rigorous schedule. Contortionists can perform alone, in pairs, or in groups depending on their preference. Some professionals also use props like hula hoops or juggling rings in their routine. So all in all, there is a lot of variety to be seen, and no two shows are the same! (However, please be advised that these moves can be dangerous for amateurs to try out by themselves, and even for trained professionals, frequent performances can cause strain to your joints and spine over time.)

But if the contortionist life isn’t for this kid, there are other ways he can use his skills. Gymnastics, dancing and many other sports all require a great deal of flexibility for example. Or perhaps he’ll choose a completely unrelated field to study and work in, and save showing off his hyper mobility as the occasional party trick.

Do you have your own whacky talent to show the world? Upload your video HERE and you could end up on AFV!

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