Young Girl’s Dolls Bite Back When She Breast Feeds Them

June 8, 2018

Kids have the best imaginations, right? In this video, this young girl has shoved two of her dolls up her t-shirt. “What are you doing?” asks Mom. The kid’s initial response is kind of coy. She thinks and then says “I’m holding a baby.” Hmm. Sherlock Mom has some follow up questions. “Why are they under your shirt?” she asks. The girl starts bouncing up and down slightly. “Because they’re feeding” responds the kid, now fully committing to her game. “What are they feeding off of?” asks Mom, wondering what the kid is thinking. It’s sort of clear from here what game the kid is playing but Mom wants to make double, even triple sure. “My boob!” replies the girl. “Ohhh, so you’re boob-feeding the babies are you?” asks Mom who, I guess, is wondering how they got here so fast. “How’s that going for you?” asks Mom who, bless her, is not missing a beat.

And it is here that we take a turn. A most unexpected turn. Because up until now the kid has toed the line in terms of her imagination. “Not so good” replies the girl, “Because they’re chewing on my boob!!!”

Wait, what? It’s hysterical – her wonderful imagination and the dolls and the left turn she takes into Black Mirror land. I know I’ve never played with my dollies before and pretended they grew teeth and started biting me! But this kid has the best imagination in the world and really goes for it. I wonder what else those dolls of hers can do – and how they would ruin it? If she imagines they could cook, she would probably imagine them burning the house down. If she imagines them having a tea party, she would probably imagine them all getting into a massive fight.

There are great ways to kick-start or build upon your kid’s imagination. First off, you can just tell them stories. What child doesn’t love a good story? And when you’re telling these stories, really get into it. This is where you can prove you are the best actor of all time as you get into the voices of each of the characters. You can also have them make art – from painting to drawing to building and to sculpting! Kids love being tactile so this is a great way to get their hands as involved as their minds. But give them space to enjoy stuff – you want your kid to be a creator not a consumer. Have them make some puppets and put on a puppet show. Or print out some old family photos and have them decorate them with crayons and stickers. Maybe take them to an art museum to fire up their imagination. But it doesn’t take much – remember how much fun we used to have with huge boxes? Stop by your local appliance store and see if they have any huge boxes that they are throwing away.

Do you have a funny kid video? We’d love to see it! Upload your funny kid video HERE! But don’t forget to watch this hysterical video below!

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