Young Guy Wipes Out And Soaks Himself While Walking Through Outdoor Fountain

June 13, 2018

Look, I’m going to be honest with you. I very much understand the instinct to walk through in office park water fountain like the one in this video. In fact, almost every time I see an outdoor fountain, whether it’s at the mall or an office park, my very first instinct is to jump in and swim around and pick up all the pennies! You can’t tell me you haven’t at least been tempted to pick up the handfuls of wishing well pennies at the bottom of fountains like this one. Of course, I’ve never gone swimming in a fountain. Mostly because there are mall cops who would love to chase me for miles if they caught me. But at the very least, I understand why the guy in this video, egged on by his friends, decided to try it!

Have you ever been tempted to swim through a shallow fountain like this? Is it all the change at the bottom that grabs your attention? Or just the novelty of swimming in a pool that’s only two feet deep. Either way, I think we’ve all been there before. The guy in this video is standing at the top of a cascading outdoor fountain waterfall. Every few feet or so, the water dips down another foot. At the suggestion of his enthusiastic friends, he starts walking down the waterfall. Instantly his pants are soaked. But the real problem is, there’s a deep dip that he doesn’t see and after just a few steps, he falls in! So within seconds, he’s basically soaked himself from head to toe. His friends are laughing their butts off watching him struggle in the shallow water. Let’s just hope he took his cell phone out of his jeans before getting in!

I’m assuming there weren’t any security guards around otherwise this guy might be in deep trouble. But the people in this video are jovial enough that it seems like it was all fun and games. By the end of the waterfall, he’s completely soaked but has a look of victory on his face. Cross that off your bucket list!

Have you ever done something like this before? Have you  ever taken a dip in a shopping mall fountain? I wouldn’t suggest it, mostly because those things aren’t chlorinated so they’re probably filthy. With that said, everyone needs to walk on the wild side from time to time. So you do you.

I hope the owners of the building that houses this fountain see this video. Not to get this guy in trouble, but to realize they might need to hire a lifeguard to monitor their outdoor fountain! It’s just too tempting!

Do you have a video of you playing in some water? Perhaps the fountain of an office park or the mall? Look, we’re not condoning it but we will take a look at those videos! If so, please send them to us HERE! But first, do not forget to watch the amazing video below!

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