Your Baby Might Be A Genius: The Science Behind Baby Babble

July 10, 2018

Do you ever feel crazy when you think that your babbling little baby is actually making sense?  Does it seem like he is really speaking to you in coherent sentences, yet his words aren’t anything close to English?  Well, you’re not crazy.  You may just have a genius baby on your hands.  Children who develop early language and cognitive skills present higher IQs which leads to greater creative abilities.  If your baby mirrors his babble after tones and patterns similar to adult conversations, sounds like he’s making sense when he converses with you, and does this all earlier than most infants, then you have one smart baby on your hands.


Even though it may sound like they’re responding in Chinese, smart babies will engage in what seems like a coherent two-sided conversation with you.  This is because they are mimicking the tones and patterns you use to speak to them even though they don’t understand the meaning of your words.

Your baby’s sentences will sound like stream-of-consciousness monologues with endless words strung together, but their tone and flow is a mirror image of how you speak to them as parents. 

Observing how adults speak to each other and implementing those patterns in their own language is a sign of an intelligent child who is developing strong communication skills.

This future attorney stands her ground about going outside even though dad says it’s too cold.  Clearly, she doesn’t understand her dad’s words which are warning her that it’s way too cold to go outside on a winter night, but her ability to verbally express her desire shows that she understands what tone works when trying to negotiate.  She has learned that short, concise sentences with passion behind her words usually works to get what she wants.  In fact, she’s so confident in her speaking that she isn’t concerned whether or not her words make to sense to her dad.  She’s learned that this is HOW you speak to another person and effectively get what you want.  I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of an argument with this genius once she learns how to really talk!

If you think that your baby’s gibberish actually makes sense sometimes, then you probably have an advanced child in the making.  According to The Davidson Institute, in addition to early language skills, alertness and focus are key characteristics of a child with a high IQ.   If your child is alert and has the ability to stay focused, and implements these skills when verbally communicating, then it results in a delivery that actually sounds like it makes sense.

Even though the words sound like a language from another planet, their eye contact, ability to understand when it’s their turn to talk, and even physical gestures suggest that your baby is functioning at a higher level than most. 

Confidence is a key quality in any leader, and this toddler definitely has what it takes to get ahead in life.  Fake it til you make it!  This opinionated little tot doesn’t like the way this conversation is going, and she isn’t afraid to say it or show it.  Her authoritative tone combined with her disapproving facial expressions lets her brother know with certainty that she isn’t happy with what he’s saying.  This future CEO knows when it’s her turn to speak in response to her brother’s demands. Like a game of ping-pong, she understands how conversations go back and forth until someone misses the ball.  A baby who can babble with confidence and authority will produce sentences that sound like they make sense, showing that her development is ahead of the game.

There is a strong connection between developing language skills early and creativity.  When a child demonstrates advanced language skills early, this shows that their cognitive development is also ahead of the game which leads to greater creativity as they get older.

From classic geniuses like Albert Einstein to modern geniuses like Steve Jobs, they all share the common characteristic of strong creativity and innovation.  Without their ability to imagine the unknown and develop things that no one else has ever thought of, they would have never fulfilled their critical roles in changing the modern world.  A genius as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is an “extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity.”  The more creative your child is in his lifetime, the more successful he will be, and this all leads back to early cognitive development.

Some children are born with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, and from a young age know that they march to the beat of their own drum.  Their creative spirit is so strong that they know following society’s (and often parent’s) expectations of getting a solid college education and a stable job means they won’t be utilizing their talents.  It takes courage and a lot of faith to go against the norms of the world and follow your dreams and visions.

Despite the risk of failure, some people know from a young age that they’re born to do things differently and create new things that the world hasn’t seen yet.

Luckily, these forward-thinking twins have got each other for support.  Clearly, dad wants what he thinks is best for his girls when he lectures them about joining the workforce and getting paying jobs to contribute to the household.  It’s understandable that any caring father would want stability for his daughters, but from the response of these two independent girls, that’s not the plan they have in mind.  With their early ability to argue with baby babble, these girls show that they are well above average in cognitive development and will grow up to be forward thinking visionaries.

Children whose cognitive development advances earlier than most will demonstrate more advanced language skills and will babble in a way that actually sounds like a real conversation.  They will argue, chit-chat and banter with you just like you’re talking to another adult.  It’s funny and entertaining, but it also means that your baby is a gifted infant and will develop into a creative genius.  Watch out because your babbling baby might take over the world!

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